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Translator Organizations

Translator Organizations & Associations

American Translators Association (ATA)


Mission and objectives
ATA is a professional association founded to advance the translation and interpreting professions and foster the professional development of individual translators and interpreters. Its 11,000 members in more than 90 countries include translators, interpreters, teachers, project managers, web and software developers, language company owners, hospitals, universities, and government agencies.


Translator Career Profile
Translators are given the task of converting a written text from one language to another. In doing this, it is not enough to simply find the equivalent words. A translator must fully understand the primary text and work to translate its structure, style, and tone along with its meaning. Read more . . .

Degree and Program Information for a Translator Career
Many translators have been raised bilingual or have a Bachelor’s degree in a particular language. Just as many, however, have degrees in other specialities, such as literature, medicine, or the social sciences, and have acquired sufficient language skills along the way. Read more . . .

Interview with a Professional Translator
Still have unanswered questions about translators? Check out this interview with a professional translator. Read more . . .