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A New Career in Two Years or Less

Degrees in 2 YearsMany students tell us that they are willing to do some hard work to prepare themselves for a new career, but that if they are going to invest all that time and money, it needs to be the right career–and one that won’t require too many years of training.  The good news is that for those willing to go (or go back) to school for a year or two, but not for much longer, there exist ample opportunities to train for a new career in a variety of exciting fields.  Here are a few careers where this is possible.

Careers with Two Year Degrees or Less:

1. Teacher – Median Annual Salary:  $49,330

If you’ve formed a bad opinion of teaching as a career, you should reconsider.  Teachers make competitive salaries, do fulfilling and important work, benefit from a relatively stable job market, and enjoy excellent hours.  The best part:  they are able to break into the profession often with a small amount of graduate work-as little as a year in certain cases.

2. Human Resources Manager – Median Annual Salary: $45,470

Human Resources (HR) professionals are playing an increasingly important role within in corporate hierarchies, but it is still possible to start a career in the field with just a Bachelor’s degree in a related subject, from business to liberal arts.  Furthermore, positions of greater pay and responsibility are available to those with specialized Bachelor’s degrees, available at schools all over the country and online.  Most importantly, growth, benefits, and pay are very competitive in this field.

3.  Police Officer – Median Annual Salary: $52,410

You probably think about police officers all the time, whether while watching your favorite TV show or making sure you don’t get speeding tickets.  But did you ever think about becoming one?  Pay, benefits, advancement, and job security for law enforcement employees are well above average, and working as a police officer can be exciting and fulfilling.  Best of all, although educational requirements vary widely by jurisdiction, oftentimes you can begin a career as a peace officer with some college coursework or an Associate’s degree.

4.  Database Administrators – Median Annual Salary: $69,740

In the IT world, where growth is often taken as a given, it nevertheless pays to seek out opportunities that involve particularly promising sectors of the industry.  One such area is database administration.  The services of database administrators are essential in almost any business or organization above a certain size:  as most offices now store information on computer networks, professionals are needed to maintain and upgrade these systems.  Depending on the particular firm, database administrators might be expected to hold anything from an Associate’s degree in something related to computers to a Master’s degree in business information management, but the most common requirement is a Bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field. Oftentimes, in a relatively small amount of time, a qualified individual can get a leg up on the job market through certification in a specific kind of software, through programs sponsored by companies like Cisco and Microsoft.

5. Hotel Management – Annual Median Salary: $45,800

Even in tough economic times, there are still thousands and thousands of hotels all over the country, hotels which need to be well-managed by skilled, trained individuals.  Furthermore, hotel and restaurant managers enjoy strong compensation and benefits and great advancement options.  A Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management provides a competitive edge in the job market, but candidates with degrees in other fields and good experience in management or the hospitality industry can often make the leap as well.