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Graphic Design Careers

Get a Graphic Design Degree

Graphic Design Careers Information

Have you ever thought about what it takes to create your favorite magazine cover? What about the packaging of your iPod? Graphic designers create the images, words and logos that you see on almost all media and packaging. They work with color, font, illustration, photography, animation, and various print and layout techniques.

Professionals in graphic design careers use these tools to design pretty much anything you can imagine: magazines, newspapers, journals, corporate reports, publications, promotional/ad campaigns, product packages, environmental signage, marketing materials, web pages and more.

Graphic Design Careers & Degrees

Graphic designers can work independently, providing freelance services for clients, or they can seek employment at a large organization with steady graphic design needs. Depending on their level of training and experience, graphic designers can grow their careers and become webmasters, chief designers, art directors, or creative directors.

With enough experience under their belt, they can also look to become graphic design teachers or professors at graphic design schools.

Graphic Design Careers Path

A graphic design degree is the program to pursue for a career in graphic design. You’ll also want to become familiar with software such as: PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, GoLive, Excel, Quark, Flash.

Graphic Design Careers Compatible Personality Traits

Artistic talent, creative, excellent written communication, excellent visual skills, good problem-solving skills, detail-oriented, and the ability to work independently and under pressure.

Professional Graphic Designer Interview

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Graphic Design Careers Salary Expectations

The median annual salary for graphic designers is $43,500, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Usually people who choose this career love to design, have a portfolio and their own website displaying their work.

Graphic Design Careers Job Outlook

This is a competitive field, but employment opportunities for graphic designers are predicted to increase 13% by 2020. As demand for interactive media design continues to increase, it will be necessary for graphic designers to have animation experience to create websites, video games, displays for cell phones, PDAs, and more.

Slightly off the Footpath

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