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Model Careers

Start A Professional Modeling Career

Model Careers Information

Do you care about your appearance and try to stay in shape? Do you enjoy wearing trendy outfits? Models are living canvases we see everyday in advertisements on television, on billboards, and in magazines. They show off the latest fashions and demonstrate new products. Models may walk down the catwalk in haute couture fashion shows, serve in local television commercials, or specialize in modeling a specific body part, such as a hand for showing watches or jewelry.

Model Careers Path

Some models attend modeling schools where they are trained in the basic tasks of modeling, such as makeup application and runway walking. The majority of models, however, have no formal training. Most important for model careers is experience and a strong portfolio that showcases previous jobs.

Model Careers Compatible Personality Traits

Focus, eye for fashion, enjoys taking care of appearance and body, able to follow directions, photogenic, can work in a variety of conditions and locations.

Model Careers Salary Expectations

The average hourly pay for models is $15.83 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The low average pay stems from the fact that though a model may be paid a high hourly rate for a particular job, it may only last a few hours. Female models tend to earn more than male models for the same type of work and high demand supermodels stand to earn the most. Since most models have an agent, they must factor in 15-20% of their wages going to that agent. An occassional perk is the discounted or even free clothes a model might receive from designers or stores.

Model Careers Job Outlook

The employment field for a model can be tricky. Since so much rests on a model’s appearance or “look” and these factors can change quickly as trends come and go, a model may find him or herself in high demand one season and with few offers the next. Typically, there are more aspirants than openings at any given time and so competition for a particular job can be fierce.

Nevertheless, there is a high turnover in the modeling field, with people choosing other career paths or aging out. This means agencies and clients are always looking new talent.

The field is projected to grow by 14%, which is as fast as the national average, by 2020according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Slightly off the Footpath

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