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Web Designer Careers

Web Designer Degree Programs & Schools

Web Designer Careers Information

Web designer careers require many hats. On the one hand, they must have the computer skills required to build a functional website. This means they need a solid understanding of web programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Web Designer Careers & Degrees

On the other hand, a web designer must have the artistic eye of a graphic designer, making sure the web site is not only functional, but also pleasing to look at.

When constructing a web site, the web designer must first meet with the client in order to find out what is expected. Because most clients won’t have the language to clearly describe what they want, a web designer must be able to offer suggestions and even examples of similar designs.

The developer must be prepared to modify his or her work many times throughout the design process until the client is fully satisfied. After the site is up and running, the web designer is often called upon to fix any bugs and make period updates. For larger or more tech savvy companies, the web designer may be a full time employee who is dedicated solely to the company web site.

Web Designer Careers Path

Because web design requires so many different skills, web designers may come from a variety of backgrounds. They may be graphic designers who have picked up computer coding skills or computer programmers who are also artistic.

Many technical, two year, and four year postsecondary schools offer classes in graphic design, computer programming, and even web design that may be useful. But aside from taking such classes, those interested in web design should begin putting together a portfolio of work. More so than any transcript of classes, a strong portfolio is often the deciding factor in an employer’s decision to hire/contract a web designer.

Web Designer Careers Compatible Personality Traits

Tech savvy, creative, excellent communication skills, eye for detail, works well with others, project oriented, good under the pressure of deadline, willing to work odd or long hours on occasion.

Web Designer Careers Salary Expectations

The average salary for web designers is $42,400 a year. This is in line with graphic designers more generally who earn an annual salary between $32,600 and $56,620. Of course, many web designers work freelance or on contract, making money by the project.

For this type of web designer, yearly earnings may be much lower or much higher depending on the reputation of the developer and the size/number of projects completed.

Web Designer Careers Job Outlook

The internet is going nowhere soon and so web designers will be needed in the coming years to continue filling its virtual landscape. Competition may be stiff, however, as more people enter into the industry. Furthermore, due the everywhere/nowhere ethos of the internet, many design jobs can easily be contracted overseas.

Those web designers with higher degrees, the most up-to-date programming knowledge, and stronger portfolios stand the best chance of finding steady work.

Slightly off the Footpath

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