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Adaptive Physical Education Specialist Careers

Adaptive Physical Education Specialist Careers Information

Adaptive physical education specialists provide physical education instruction or services for children with disabilities, beginning in pre-school and going all the way through the 12th grade. They may work in group settings or one-on-one, teaching students techniques to improve their physical fitness and motor skills. By establishing standards of behavior, adaptive physical education specialists create safe and effective environments for students to learn.

Specialists will evaluate an individual’s progress, age, and skill level, and provide adaptive physical education regimens catered to the patient’s overall needs. They may help screen or place students in adaptive physical education programs, and may provide students with resources to encourage the continued practice of their physical education programs after graduation.

Adaptive physical education specialists may act as liaisons between the individuals, professionals, and their families in order to communicate behavioral observations and progress. They may also be responsible for maintaining inventory of equipment, materials, and aides.

Adaptive Physical Education Specialist Careers Path

Students interested in careers in adaptive physical education specialist careers will need to earn a Bachelor’s of Arts or Science degree in physical education, with 6-18 credits in adapted physical education, in order to qualify for entry-level positions.

Those with degrees in unrelated areas should consider attending graduate programs in physical education. Though requisites vary, this may be necessary for those looking to advance in their field. Many schools offer master’s degrees in physical education with a concentration in adaptive physical education, which  may be found in departments of kinesiology.

Certifications for adaptive physical education specialists are offered by a variety of associations. Requirements may vary by state, education, and employment type.

Adaptive Physical Education Specialist Careers: Compatible Personality Traits

Patient, caring, observant, encouraging, and helpful, with great communication skills and a passion for working with others.

Adaptive Physical Education Specialist Careers: Salary Expectations

The average annual salary for adaptive physical education specialists according to the BLS is $29,290.

Adaptive Physical Education Specialist Careers: Job Outlook
The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the employment of adaptive physical education instructors at the same rate as the national average for occupations (10%-19%) by 2020.
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