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Biofuel and Biodiesel Product Developer Careers

Biofuel and Biodiesel Product Developer Careers Information

Biodiesel and biofuel product developers work to reduce environmental pollution by creating products that are environmentally friendly and efficient. If you’re an eco-loving engineer looking to reduce our carbon footprint, a career in biodiesel product development might be the perfect solution.

In order to make improvements to existing technologies, product developers must perform ample amounts of research, evaluating the pros and cons of a particular alternative energy source, as well as its commercial appeal.

Biofuels and biodiesel product developers often conduct their own experiments in order to develop new products and technologies. Once design begins, developers may work as the point person, overseeing the prototyping process and supervising subsequent projects.

Biofuel and Biodiesel Product Developer Careers Path

Although the biofuel product development career path is still fairly new, these positions are comparable to an engineering manager. These kinds of managers typically have a formal background and work experience in engineering, science, or math. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that 84 percent of engineering managers had a bachelor’s degree or higher, and most specialize in a specific type of engineering, architecture, or a related field.

Many students complete master’s degrees in engineering management or business administration either before or after advancing into management positions. Employers may have tuition reimbursement benefits, or they may provide required on-site training.

Biofuel and Biodiesel Product Developer Careers Compatible Personality Traits

Innovative, perceptive, insightful, and rational. Highly analytical, with strong technical, business, and management skills.

Biofuel and Biodiesel Product Developer Careers Salary Expectations

The Bureau of Labor Statistic states that the average annual income for engineering managers is $119,260.

Biofuel and Biodiesel Product Developer Careers Job Outlook

Job growth for engineering managers is expected to increase more slowly than average, at a rate of 9 percent according to the BLS. However, growth will not be steady throughout the industry, and those with the best prospects will be in rapidly growing areas of engineering, such as environmental and biomedical engineering. The total employment of engineering managers in 2018 is expected to reach 195,400.

Slightly Off the Footpath

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