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Auto Mechanic Careers

Automotive Mechanic Salary, Degree Programs & Schools

Auto Mechanic Careers Information

We’ve all been there: You’re driving and suddenly your car makes an odd noise, or starts handling weirdly. Something’s wrong, but who knows what it is? If you’re the person who can figure out the problem just by hearing the sound it’s making, you might want to consider becoming an auto mechanic.

Auto Mechanic Careers & Degrees

Mechanics have to diagnose and repair a multitude of possible troubles in all types of cars. With the advent of more complex computer and electronic systems in vehicles, as well as alternative fuels like ethanol, mechanics must keep up to date with the latest technologies. They use visual inspections, test drives, and computer diagnostics to determine what the problem is, and then fix it with power tools, pneumatics, and hand tools. Some mechanics specialize in areas such as brakes, air-conditioning, front end, or transmissions.

Auto Mechanic Careers Path

Many mechanics get their start taking automotive classes in high school, community college, or vocational school. Others learn by assisting more experienced mechanics. Many car makers and dealers sponsor 2-year associate degree training programs, and the best programs nationally are those recognized by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), which also certifies mechanics after two years of experience in a given area, plus completing a test.

Auto Mechanic Careers Salary Expectations

The median salary for auto mechanics is $35,790 per year.

Auto Mechanic Careers Compatible Personality Traits

Good eyesight and good with their hands, analytical, in good shape physically, can handle stress, patient, detail oriented, good communicator, multi-tasker

Auto Mechanic Interview

To find out what it takes to succeed in an auto mechanic career, Read more by a Auto Mechanic…

Auto Mechanic Careers Job Outlook

Opportunities in the field are expected to increase 17% by 2020. Although there will continue to be increases in the number of vehicles on the road, there will also be a higher level of dependability and quality in those cars, resulting in a lower need for repairs. The highest increase will be for mechanics in dealerships.

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