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National Agricultural Aviation Scholarship

The goal of the Agricultural Aviation Scholarship is to strengthen the aerial application industry by helping NAAA Operators bring new pilots into the profession.

Each applicant must be sponsored by an NAAA Operator, and scholarship recipients must use the proceeds for flight training or agricultural coursework at a university, college, community college or other institution of higher learning.


Every applicant must submit:

  • A letter of recommendation from the NAAA Operator sponsoring the applicant.
  • An essay of 250 words or less written by the applicant explaining why he or she is deserving of an NAAA/BASF Agricultural Aviation Scholarship.
  • A one-page résumé or list of activities detailing all agricultural and aviation experiences, education and training.

Amount Awarded for Scholarship: NAAA will award one scholarship valued at $5,000 and could award a second scholarship valued at $2,500 depending on the pool of applicants.

Deadline: August before intended school year of scholarship.

Apply for Scholarship