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Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts Degrees & Bachelor of Science Degrees

A bachelor’s degree is the standard college degree and it usually takes four years to earn a bachelor’s degree in the U.S. However, a bachelor’s program can be completed in anywhere from two to six years depending on how much time you commit and what type of bachelor’s degree program you choose.

Bachelor’s degrees are offered at thousands of college and universities – both online schools and on campus schools – around the country.

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree typically leads to jobs that deliver a higher income than one or two years of college or just completing high school or your GED.  A bachelor’s degree can also prepare you for many different experiences, careers or graduate school.

Types of Bachelor’s Degree Programs Available

There are a number of different types of bachelor’s degrees available available, but the most common ones are Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees.  B.S. degrees are geared more towards math and science, whereas B.A. degrees are focused on the arts and humanities.

No matter the type of bachelor degree you decide to work towards, you will have to study a wide range of subjects to get a well-rounded education.  The majority of your coursework, though, will be in your chosen area of study.

Featured Schools with Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Questions to Ask About Bachelor’s Degree Programs:

  1. What area do I want to study (e.g., psychology, education, information technology, culinary arts, allied health, etc.)?
  2. What career am I interested in pursuing after I graduate with my degree?
  3. Do I want to study online or on a campus?
  4. Am I committed to spending the time and money required to earn a degree?

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