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Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science: Possible Career Paths

bachelors in computer science

This is a world that runs on computer science. Literally. The computer you are using right now is running because of computer science. Multi-billion dollar industries can attribute all of their success to the innovations in computer science. Hospitals use computer science to save lives. Computers aren’t a luxury; these days, they’re a necessity.

Now is the time to consider a bachelor’s degree in computer science field, because the field could not be more exciting. Technology evolves everyday, and just about every company needs someone who can create it, manage it, or help other people work it.

After you’ve decided to throw your digital hat into the ring, what’s next? Well, we’ve put together a list of some of the possible careers out there you can pursue once you have your bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Computer Engineer Careers
Whether they are creating software or hardware, computer engineers are vital for the day-to-day life of almost everyone in society. Computer engineers ensure that the technology that we all use runs properly and won’t burn out in days.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science is absolutely necessary for working in this career, as computer engineers are the ones responsible for not only envisioning the next great hardware or software invention, but every aspect of that technology and how it will work.

Computer Application Developer Careers
No, this job doesn’t consist of someone filling out job applications for an aspiring super computer. Computer application developers create the applications that we all know and love (i.e. iTunes and Excel) and make sure they run properly.

As the IT field gets more and more competitive, a bachelor’s degree in computer science is that much more necessary for this career. You need to know not only about the computers that you’re working on but also the users that will be using the applications, and how you can make everything run as smoothly as possible for them.

Computer Programming Careers
Are the words in this article appearing in a coherent way and not just gibberish? That’s the work of a computer programmer. (And if you answered “no,” you probably need glasses or have a concussion.)

Computer programmers use a special language to tell computers how to complete different tasks and process information. Programs need to be updated, modified, and repaired by computer programmers, and they need a solid foundation in computer science in addition to education in computer programming.

Computer Support Specialist Careers
Don’t you just hate when you are working on a paper for school, and your computer explodes? Okay, so your level of computer-related problems might not be that severe, but it’s likely that someday you’ll have computer issues where you have no clue what to do.

Computer support specialists are the ones who hold all of the clues. Not only do they know how to fix computers, but they can also walk the average Joe through solving the problems.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science is extremely beneficial in this field as you really have to know and adapt to all of the computer technology out there. Education in computer science trains you in such processes.

Systems Administrator Careers
Technology needs to work with other technology. It wouldn’t look very good for a CEO’s phone to be incompatible with the company’s mainframe.

A systems administrator is in charge of coordinating all of an organization’s technology to ensure a productive environment. In case you haven’t guessed, an in-depth knowledge of computers and related technology is necessary for this kind of career, and this is where the bachelor’s degree in computer science comes in.

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