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Bachelor’s Degree in English: Possible Career Paths

Bachelors degree in English

If you’re reading this article right now, you’re probably already on your way to a degree in English.

A Bachelor’s degree in English involves building your communications, writing, and analytical skills, in addition to reading and analyzing the works of legendary writers. Those kinds of abilities can prepare you for just about any career, although many today question what career besides teaching this degree can lead to.

Fear not, my friends: There are plenty of careers you can enter with a Bachelor’s degree in English. And if nothing else, you’ll know the grammatical difference between who and whom, which is really more important than anything else.

Careers to Explore with a Bachelor’s in English

Education Careers

This seems like the most obvious of career choices for someone with this bachelor’s degree, but that doesn’t mean you should skip over it. Much like all of the other core subjects taught in schools, English is one course that isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

English teachers can find work in all facets of education, from high school teachers to middle school to the college level. To find out more, including salary details, check out our teaching career profile.

Media & Journalism Careers

Most people like to read news stories and articles that they can understand. This involves using correct spelling and grammar, as well as having strong research and analytical skills. A bachelor’s in English gives you all of this and more.

English degrees give you a strong foundation in building any kind of writing career, from journalist to fiction writer to blogger. You also study the readings of great writers, which benefits your own work. It’s basically a degree that sets you up to do well in this arena. To find out more, browse these media and journalism careers.

Law Careers

Much like English degrees, attorneys aren’t going anywhere. And with the country becoming more litigious now than ever, lawyers with solid writing and research skills will be highly sought after.

A Bachelor’s degree in English educates you in such skills as arguing positions effectively, writing in an articulate manner, and thinking creatively. Guess what you need to do as a lawyer? Answer: all of the above.

Since there is no required subject in Bachelor’s degrees for attorneys, English is a great subject to study before pursuing your law degree. To find out more, check out our attorney career profile.

Non-Profit Fundraising Careers

Do you ever wonder how the Red Cross, Green Peace, or Amnesty International find the funds to support their efforts in saving lives? It’s all due to the work of non-profit fundraisers.

Non-profit fundraisers need to contact people to raise money, apply for grants, and organize mass-market campaigns for their cause. You can develop all of these written and communication skills from earning your Bachelor’s degree.

Although no degree is required to work in this field, a Bachelor’s degree in English can be just what you need for rising up in any non-profit organization.

Real Estate Appraisal Careers

Didn’t see this one coming, did you? Many people don’t really even know the responsibilities that fall on a real estate appraiser. They are responsible for assessing properties and assigning values. Real estate would have no real worth without appraisers.

Real estate appraisers must be thorough in their research, attentive to details, and have good analytical skills. An English degree trains you in all of these aspects.

However, an English degree isn’t enough for this career. You also need sound mathematical skills, so this is a perfect career to combine your love of communications with a passion for numbers. To learn more, review this real estate career profile.

Did you get your bachelor’s degree in English? What career path did you pursue? Let us know in the comments below!