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Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science: Possible Career Paths

We really need more people who are good with politics. Not just career politicians, but professionals who have are knowledgeable with the right critical-thinking skills to make the right decisions for our society. And a Bachelor’s degree in political science can help you become that learned person.

You will learn how to communicate, analyze, and research effectively with this degree program. You’ll be ready for a career as a politician or attorney, but say you don’t want to become either of these things. The abilities you acquire during this degree program prepare you for a lengthy list of jobs.

We’ve put together a few of the possibly career paths that a bachelor’s degree in political science can take you.

Lobbyist Careers

Interested in helping to shape public policy but don’t want the hassle of the “public” part? Then consider a career as a lobbyist.

Much like we saw in the movie Thank You For Smoking, a lobbyist is a professional who works for specific companies or interest groups to voice the opinions of the private sector toward politicians. They can work for either side of an issue – both sides are likely to hire at least one lobbyist. And that means that you will always have an opportunity for work.

A degree in political science can help you in this career because lobbyists are basically just politicians without offices. The degree will enable you to know the ins and outs of politics and communicate your message in an effective matter.

Non-Profit Fundraiser Careers

Just because organizations are non-profit doesn’t mean they have endless donations to fill their coffers. Non-profit fundraisers are the ones in charge of making sure groups like the Red Cross have the means to keep helping people all across the country.

In order to raise funds for these organizations, someone in this position must be very sociable and communicative. A bachelor’s degree in political science will teach you these skills and more.

News Analyst Careers

Once all of the actual “politics” occurs during the day, it can be difficult for the public to handle. They might need someone to help everything make sense, from digesting new laws to sifting through the political bickering and finding a candidate’s actual viewpoint.

It’s the job of the news analyst to do this for the viewers. A political science degree will help you to make sense of the daily politics and communicate this information to the public. The career allows you to still play a vital role in the government but that of a facilitator to the public.

Archivist Careers

This career might seem out of the norm for this type of degree. An archivist is someone who is in charge of maintaining artifacts or records throughout history, which means that they don’t necessarily have to interact with anyone. And those pursuing a degree in political science usually love that interaction part.

However, there is a different sect of political science majors who are more passionate about the actual data involved in politics. Keeping track of all of the statistics and research involved in legislature and campaigns is a job that not everyone thinks about, and archivists of online political data are tasked with just that.

Basically, don’t think that a political science degree will put you on a path solely suited for human interaction – there are plenty of behind the scenes work that goes into politics.

CIA Analyst or Agent Careers

It’s probably not as fun as it sounds – don’t think that just because you have a Bachelor’s degree in political science that you can get a license to kill as a CIA agent. But just think about telling people that you are a CIA analyst. I think that’s worth the degree program alone.

It might seem like a stretch to think that you could be working for the CIA, but according to the American Political Science Association, it’s not as farfetched as it seems – it’s on a list of valid careers if you have this degree. Political science teaches you the necessary research, communication, and analytical skills for a position in the CIA.