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Combined Bachelor’s to Master’s Degree Programs


These days many careers aren’t only requiring a bachelor’s degree; you’ll need your master’s if you want to succeed in the future. But earning a master’s degree on top of your bachelor’s requires time and money. Are there schools out there that combine these two degrees into one to accelerate your education?

Answer: of course there is. There are many different programs that combine a bachelor’s and master’s degree so you can earn both degrees at once and be ready to hit the ground running after college graduation.

In addition to earning both degrees at once (rather than one at a time), these programs allow you to be accepted into your master’s program while you are still earning your bachelor’s degree. This is perfect for those of you who like to plan your educational paths well in advance, and also cuts down on the tedious graduate school application process.

Here are some of the majors that allow you to double up on your undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Common Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree Programs

BS/Master’s for Engineering

A Bachelor of Science in Engineering combined with a Master of Science in Engineering can educate you further in the science of engineering or how the field can be fully utilized through other practices, such as business.

For most engineering careers, a master’s degree is necessary for rising in the ranks. That means that you can finish this program in approximately 5 years and start right away in your career, which is perfect for everyone.

These types of programs, such as the one offered by Rutgers, have several options, including BA-MBA (Master of Business Administration), BS-MBS (Master of Business and Science), and BS-MS (Master of Science, or Master of Engineering).

BS/MBA for Business

I’ve seen “Wall Street” enough times to know that the business world is a scary place, and any leg-up you can find is vital for your career (and possibly your life).

A Bachelor of Science in Business/Master of Business Administration program can help you earn both degrees in approximately 5 years if you are willing to put in the effort. Pepperdine University is an example of a school with this type of program.

You can also specialize in the particular type business that you want to work in, such as food service management. So get out there and chase that green.

BS/MBA for Science

Rocket science too easy? Did you solve that complicated problem in “Good Will Hunting” faster that Matt Damon did? Then this is the combined degree for you.

A Bachelor of Science/Master of Business Administration program like the one offered at Penn State is a fantastic way to enhance your scientific passion with a solid business foundation. The Bachelor of Science degree can be in any specific science focus you want, such as mathematics, forensic science, and astrophysics.

These programs can be finished in 5 years as well, so what’s holding you back?

BS/MD for Medicine

The educational path of medicine can be very intimidating for many. Putting the intense subject matter aside, students might be frightened by the amount of time that it takes to finally make your way toward your practice in addition to the daunting task of getting into medical school.

For the especially medically motivated, programs like the one at Penn State are essential. Imagine earning your Bachelor of Science in pre-med and MD in medicine in six years instead of seven plus not having to go through the medical school application process.

RN/MSN in Nursing

This program is for those who want to break into the world of nursing quicker than normal, which is great because we simply can’t have enough people who are willing to heal us.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing combined degree program will not only prepare you to be a nurse but will allow you to specialize in a specific field of nursing for your master’s, such as nurse anesthetist, clinical nurse specialist, or nurse practitioner. If you’re a registered nurse who has an Associate’s or a nursing diploma and you want to earn your master’s, this is the program for you.