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Construction Management Degree Programs

Construction Management Careers & Featured Careers

Construction Management Degree Programs Information

Construction managers are the foremen responsible for coordinating building and construction sites, oftentimes using the knowledge they learned from construction management degree programs.

Construction managers must be knowledgeable about all aspects of the construction job, from budgets and deadlines, to safety protocols, to scheduling and employee management–not to mention the intricacies of the construction itself.

Schools with Construction Management Degrees

Construction management degree programs teach students the ins and outs of the construction site. Rather than limiting students to instruction in engineering, or architecture, or personnel, students learn about the entire operation.

Construction managers must be able to communicate effectively with project financiers, corporate executives, and construction workers alike. They must be prepared to dedicate their lives, often beyond the typical workday, to the projects on which they work.

Construction management degrees prepare students not only for the technical aspects, but the lifestyle aspects of the career as well.

Types of Construction Management Degrees Available

Construction management degrees can range from associate’s degrees all the way to graduate degrees. Most are either four-year bachelor’s degrees or master’s programs.

Some degrees are extended undergraduate/graduate combinations, including engineering, architecture, and business training.

Construction Management Average Salaries

  • Median annual wages of salaried construction managers is $83,860

What a Construction Management Degree Teaches You

Construction management degrees focus on the development of technical, managerial, and professional knowledge.

Aspects of construction are taught, including engineering principles and material properties. Personnel management and workflow logistics are crucial, teaching students how to keep large teams of workers happy and healthy.

Construction management degrees also teach budgetary concerns, as well as techniques for managing and delivering projects on-time, on-budget, and in a responsible, efficient, and sustainable manner.

Featured Careers with Construction Degree

Construction Management

Questions to Ask About Construction Management Degree Programs

1. Can I lead teams of men and women in large-scale projects, from inception to completion?

2. Am I willing to work in both the board room and the construction site? Am I comfortable in both a suit and a hardhat?

3. Am I comfortable keeping track of multiple aspects of complicated projects, and taking responsibility for everything that goes wrong, as well as what goes right?

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