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February 14th, 2012,
Bachelor's Degrees for Valentine's Day

By Noël Rozny
Web Editor & Content Manager

Whether you’re a bachelor, bachelorette, or one half of a couple, love is in the air today. If you’re having trouble getting into the spirit, maybe one of these romantic majors will help.

Bachelor’s Degrees for Archers
If Cupid went to college, what would he have studied? At City College of San Jose, archery is a part of the kinesiology program. After students learn how to shoot arrows, they can use their degree to become enter the field of athletic training and sports medicine.

Bachelor’s Degrees for Romantics
For the ultimate romantics out there, you might want to consider studying English literature and Romanticism, like the one at the University of Edinburgh. You’ll be studying writers such as Washington Irving, Nathanial Hawthorne and Edgar Allan Poe, so be prepared that the readings won’t be all hearts and flowers.

Bachelor’s Degrees for Greeting Card Writers
Everyone knows that if you forget to bring a card to your Valentine, you’re in big trouble. The people who write those funny, sweet, touching, or romantic cards can come from many backgrounds, but many study English or creative writing, according to Cleveland State University.

Bachelor’s Degrees for Florists
Have you ever tried arranging your own bouquet from the garden? I bet it wasn’t as easy as it looks, was it? That’s because working with flowers requires special skills, skills that come from floral design and horticulture programs like the ones at Texas A&M. No matter what kind of flowers you’re taking home to your sweetie tonight, you can bet that your gorgeous arrangement is the result of years of study and hard work.

Bachelor’s Degrees for Chocolatiers
Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t feel complete without that traditional heart-shaped box full of chocolately confections. Chocolatiers and pastry chefs are the ones who are responsible for turning sugar and cocoa into artful truffles, and they get their skills by enrolling in a pastry degree program.