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May 19th, 2011,
Find Out Which Classes You Should take in College

By Noël Rozny
Web Editor & Content Manager

Whether you’re getting ready to start school or you’re selecting classes for your next semester, chances are you might be wondering what to take. There are the obvious classes you know you need for your major, but then there are also those quantitative reasoning or social sciences requirements that you need to fill before you graduate. And selecting those classes is where many students get downright stumped.

Surprisingly, it’s the college classes that are outside your comfort zone that might teach you the most. If you’re an engineering student, for example, your engineering classes are going to increase your knowledge of a subject matter you’re already familiar with. But the biological anthropology class you end up taking to fill a graduation requirement may be completely unfamiliar to you, and teach you to approach critical thinking and research in a completely different way. And, because it’s a break from your usual subject matter, it may also be one of the more interesting and fun courses you take during your college career.

To help you get an idea of the wide variety of college classes are out there and which ones you should take, we asked our Brazen Careerist community members what their favorite college class was and why. Here’s what they had to say.

Best College Classes

“The best class I took in college was “Power, Authority, and Exchange.” It was an amazing journey in the history of economic theory, the evolution of commerce, and how humans came to be the interdependent web of give and take we are today. Totally blew my mind.” – Megan Atkinson

“Mine was called The Creative Process – Songwriting. We all wrote songs, played them and then got feedback from the class.” – Kristen Creager

Fundamentals of Software Engineering. It introduced me to the universes involved in getting a user’s requirements, translating them into components, project management, managing different development styles, integrating code from different development teams, software testing, user acceptance testing, deployment, migration, solving compatibility issues, user and support training and project followup.  In other words, almost every tool, method and concept that I still use today. It also introduced me to my software engineering mentor, who has been instrumental in my success in this field.” -Jrandom42

I took a survey course called Political Scandals that was really interesting. Great discussions of historical heroes and villains, and how/why history judges people a certain way. Good for the research oriented.” -Tim Murphy

Philosophy of Mysticism. So esoteric and wacky, but completely changed my perspective on religion, spirituality, and the human spirit. Also, for similar yet different reasons, I took a self-designed 2-term course studying the history of logic. So incredible!” – Jason H. Parker

Psychology of Dreams. I think it was a great class because we had to keep a dream journal and share them in class to learn some interpretation. It is amazing what some people dream and that they would share that detailed information.” – Chris Parker

“The best class by far was Dispute Resolution: I learned practical skills for resolving conflicts that I continue to use every day.” -Whitney M. Parker

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  • BGLCPartners

    So true!u00a0 My favorite non-major class was “Women in Art & Science.”u00a0 It covered art, music, history, culture and science, through the work of creative women from around the world- truly inspirational and so much fun.nnThis article and the experiences of so many graduates as they look back, shows just how valuable a core curriculum is to the college experience.