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July 6th, 2012,
dream internship

Internships are essential in the reality of today’s job market. But sometimes, trying to figure out where to start (and find what you want) can be tricky. So why not imagine your dream internship for inspiration? There are many companies in movies and television that we’d love to intern at, and we made a list of the best ones. We aren’t delusional in thinking you can actually work at these – but they might give you some inspiration as to where you could start applying.

5. Pawnee Parks Department (Parks and Recreation)
Okay, so it isn’t the flashiest internship – that’s why it’s at number 5. But that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t involve hilarity and real-world relevance.

Parks and Recreation is a TV show on NBC that revolves around lower-level bureaucrat Leslie Knope, a woman who is over-eager to put up with all of the monotony in the job due to her passion for the work. Despite obstacles such as citizens’ bizarre complains and a serial vandal, Leslie works to improve the lives of every citizen of Pawnee, including her coworkers.

It’s not often that you see the intensity that Leslie has for her job – in television or otherwise. Just being around someone like that would make any internship more interesting. Plus, many college students rule out “boring” office positions found in departments such as this even though they are absolutely necessary. More internships like this would do future generations a lot of good.

4. InGen (Jurassic Park series)
How many people can say that they worked at a company that brought dinosaurs back to life? Not many (I hope). An internship with InGen would give you the right to make that statement.

In Jurassic Park, InGen engineers dinosaurs from preserved DNA. Sure, it leads to horrifying results, but it’s still a scientific discovery that I’m waiting for reality to match. If you do get an internship with them, however, make sure it’s something off-island.

3. Stark Enterprises (Iron Man series)
Much like InGen, Stark Enterprises accomplishes more feats in a few hours than actual research labs do in decades. Tony Stark, the CEO and unmatchable genius of Stark Enterprises, develops armor and energy equipment that allows him to play superhero. Basically, the company makes Apple look like Playskool.

So why would you want to intern with them? For starters, you’d be a part of scientific history. Your internship would be at the same place where a superhero goes to work. You would see groundbreaking discoveries before the general public. Finally, you might be around Tony when he makes one of his trademark quips, which would be worth the entire internship.

2. Atlantis Cable News (The Newsroom)
The Newsroom
is about a cutting-edge news show (creatively called “News Night”) where the news anchor, Will McAvoy, tries to change the way news shows work. It’s a show by Aaron Sorkin on HBO, so you know that it contains a lot of snappy dialogue and long-winded speeches.

An internship at this news show requires you to be one intelligent student, but it would also help you become a better researcher and journalist. As McAvoy’s crew of producers is small, everyone is forced to learn and grow or die.

On the fun side: you would also get the opportunity to make a speech or two at one point. It’s just bound to happen when working there.

1. DHARMA Initiative (Lost)
(Spoilers) The DHARMA Initiative is essentially responsible for almost everything that goes on in Lost. For everyone who has never seen the show, a group of plane crash survivors on a magical island discover countless secrets in their new home, including a group of researchers known as the DHARMA Initiative that lived there in the late 70s.

As the island contains many unique properties, the DHARMA Initiative performs experiments, including intense electromagnetic energy and even time travel. Doesn’t that sound like an internship that you’d want?

Not only are the company well funded, interesting, and revolutionary, but the island is better than DHARMA itself. It cures incurable diseases, lets you see ghosts, and travels through time and space. Plus the beach is very beautiful.

What’s your dream internship? Let us know in the comments below!