Increasing Enrollment 101: Technology and Tracking

In the world of educational enrollment, follow-up is critical. When you receive an inquiry from a prospective student, that student has many possible paths: she may enroll at your institution, she may choose to enroll at another institution or she may lose momentum and postpone or abandon her plans to advance her education.

Although many factors combine to determine which path she’ll follow, your follow-up is an essential element in her decision-making process.

The Tools for More Effective Follow-up 

Are you using a software solution to follow-up on your inquiries?

If you’re manually dialing prospective students from a list of inquiries, you may be very surprised to learn how much a simple software solution would increase your efficiency and productivity. Basic dialer software approximately doubles the number of calls your staff can place in an hour.

And, those tools are relatively inexpensive and easy to implement. If you’re ready to significantly increase the number of prospective students you reach out to in a day, you’ll find several software options that can be up and running in one day and will add minimal cost to your follow-up process.

Data Drives Decision-Making

Do you know how productive your enrollment office staff is currently?

Before you can make good decisions to improve the effectiveness of your enrollment office, you need a solid understanding of your current processes and the results they’re yielding. For example:

  • How many calls were placed by your staff yesterday?
  • How many prospects did your staff actually speak with?
  • What was the average call time?
  • How many times do you call a prospective student?
  • What is your contact rate?

If your project leader can’t provide you with this information in a minute or two, your process needs adjustment. Without tracking and analyzing this type of data, it’s impossible to identify the weak or inefficient points in your process and make improvements. In short, if you don’t have that information, you are missing opportunities to reach more prospects and enroll more students.

Increasing Productivity

If you couldn’t easily collect the information discussed above or weren’t happy with the answers you received, it may be time to make some changes. Implementing a software solution to improve your dialing productivity and increase the number of calls placed each day is a strong start.  But, if you want to truly maximize results, you must make follow-up a priority.

The solution for your institution may differ depending on the size of your staff, your budget and the systems you already have in place, but some strong possibilities include:

  • Carving out dedicated time for one or more members of your staff to work on the project, including data collection and review
  • Hiring a project manager to implement efficient processes and monitor their success
  • Contracting out your follow-up calls to a company with top-notch equipment and trained, dedicated staff

Whatever the best answer for your institution, you won’t find it without asking questions and assessing your current processes, your current technology, and where there’s room for improvement.

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