Increasing Enrollment 201: The Difference Dialing Makes

In Enrollment 101: Technology and Tracking, we talked about the importance of increasing efficiency in your enrollment office follow-up process. The tools and processes discussed in that piece are essential beginning steps toward maximizing enrollment office productivity. When you’ve successfully implemented dialing technology, efficient processes and a system for tracking and adjustment, you’re ready to take your operations to the next level. And, though basic dialing software makes a tremendous difference in your calls per hour and contact rate, more sophisticated systems can improve those results even further.

Predictive Dialing Basics 

Does your software have predictive dialing capabilities? 

While straight automated dialing increases the number of calls your staff can make and improves your contact rate, predictive dialing features take outbound calling efficiency to the next level.  By anticipating when the next member of your staff will be available and timing calls to connect at just the right moment, predictive dialing cuts back on wasted time between calls. And, though the difference is small on a per-call basis, the net impact is significant. When used effectively, predictive dialing can double your productivity—and that’s in addition to the increase you already saw from your basic dialing software.

Dialing Graphic

When Predictive Dialing Helps

 How effective are your efforts to connect with prospective students?

In order to determine whether or not predictive dialing will improve your contact rates, look to the data we discussed at the 101 level. In particular, pay attention to the number of calls you place in response to each inquiry and your contact rate. Some benchmarks to help you determine whether predictive dialing would be beneficial for your institution include:

  • Are you averaging more than three attempts to reach each prospect?
  • Is your contact rate below 25%?


If your staff is making multiple attempts to reach the average prospect, but your contact rate remains low, predictive dialing could give your enrollment office the boost it needs.

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