Increasing Enrollment: the Local Connection

As we discussed in Increasing Enrollment 101: Technology and Tracking and Increasing Enrollment 201: The Difference Dialing Makes, more effective technology and tracking can significantly increase contact rates for your enrollment office’s follow-up calls. And, increased contact rates mean an increased opportunity for enrollments. Even with the most efficient technology, though, your staff faces a challenge in reaching those prospective students: Caller ID. Most of us check the caller ID display before picking up a call, and seeing a toll-free number displayed doesn’t usually inspire us to answer. A toll number from an unfamiliar area code isn’t much more inviting. Depending on the nature of your campaign and the demographics of your prospective students, a system displaying local telephone numbers may significantly increase the number of prospects picking up the phone.

How Local Caller ID Display Works

The specifics of how local caller ID operates depend upon your carrier, and may vary further based on your prospect pool, current contact rate and other factors. In short, the system displays a telephone number from the same area code where your prospective student lives or works. Making effective use of local telephone number display requires sophisticated equipment and knowledge of compliance issues, but can significantly increase your number of contacts.

Will Local Caller ID Improve Your Contact Rates?

Obviously,  if your prospects are all located in one or two area codes near your call center, managing caller ID displays is a straightforward process. On the other hand, if you are targeting prospects in more than six area codes, local area code display may increase your contact rates by 30-40%.  The more geographically diverse your market is, the more you have to gain by investing in a system that adapts caller ID display.

Implementing Local Caller ID Display

If your caller ID display originates with your telephone company, it’s time to consider investing in software that gives you control over that display, or contracting with a call center that has the latest technology in place. It’s very unlikely that your telephone service provider can offer the flexibility you need at the speed you’ll need it.

Of course, you’ll also need to get up to speed on compliance issues relating to this aspect of telephoning prospective students, or work with a provider you can trust to manage those issues.

Properly managed, local caller ID display can significantly improve contact rates, allowing your representatives to talk directly with more prospective students and help them move along the path toward higher education with your institution.

At myFootpath, we’ve invested in infrastructure so you don’t have to. Our trained enrollment services professionals employ proven processes and state-of-the-art technology to get your prospective students on the phone and help them take the next step.

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