One Hundred Adult Students

Our clients tell us 100 adult students are worth about $1 million per year. With budgets shrinking and net tuition falling, traditional undergrad programs are no longer generating the revenue they once did; adult degree completion programs have become the panacea for small to mid-sized private colleges to achieve their growth goals. But there are thousands of adult degree completion programs out there. How do you compete for students? How will you grow your enrollments by 100 next year? myFootpath’s Student Partner Solution™ provides the needed resources and cutting edge recruitment technology to deliver students to your classrooms. We have over a decade of experience recruiting students and deliver thousands of students annually for our current college customers. We will not sell you one more technology solution that requires endless hours of training and years to integrate to your existing system or worthless leads that net zero students. Our recruitment team integrates seamlessly with admissions staff to recruit and enroll adult students to your online programs. Call us to discuss how we can help your admissions team drive the next 100 students. Most of our programs have no upfront cost. Call us and at the very least, you can take our proven process and implement it yourself.


Recruit and Enroll More Students

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