Working in higher education for two decades, Charlie Nguyen has first-hand experience in the life-changing power of education. Prior to his current roles, he served as the VP of Global Operations and Corporate Development at the Apollo Education Group where he led the development and go-to market efforts for a new online program management (OPM) offering. Nguyen has dedicated his life and career to providing educational platforms to eager students around the globe as the CEO and Founder of the Online Learning Services Platform for CMS Global in Beijing, China, launching an International Services Platform and powering 5 U.S. universities to offer online degrees to Asia-based adult learners and employers. Nguyen has worked to transform the higher-education industry by launching several new initiatives, such as in his role as Corporate Development Director at Western Governors University where he conceived, devised, and launched Global Employment Ready Education (GERE), an experiential learning platform to solve tech talent shortages for employers by empowering underserved populations to launch tech careers. He also implemented GERE at CMSquared LLC, where he worked as Managing Director.

As an immigrant himself, he is a firm believer in the American Dream and is passionate about the generational impact of education. He is currently serving as a board member and co-founder of Harness Projects, an e-learning provider for professionals and companies, and as the Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at DeVry University.