Why Your Enrollment Office Needs Help

Educational institutions invest significant time and resources in generating or purchasing leads to build enrollment.  Unfortunately, those leads are only as good as the follow-up they receive. When colleges haven’t invested in the kind of infrastructure that effectively converts those leads into enrollments, promising prospects slip through the cracks. Immediate follow-up by trained professionals employing effective processes can be the difference between a lead and a student.

The data and questions below will help you assess whether your enrollment office is equipped to do the best job of converting your leads into enrolled students.

The Importance of Acting Quickly

You undoubtedly know that conversion rate increases dramatically when you’re able to contact a lead immediately. And, the drop-off begins in seconds: a lead you contact within one minute is nearly four times as likely to convert as one you reach out to in three minutes. However, few enrollment offices have dedicated staff ready to reach out the moment a lead is received.

How often is your enrollment office able to contact a lead within those critical first few minutes? 

The Power of Technology 

If you don’t make contact, the prospect is lost—along with the investment you made in generating or purchasing that lead. But, many enrollment professionals can’t even tell us how many prospects they contact on an average day or what percentage of leads they speak with. The lack of data indicates a breakdown in process, but the data itself may be equally discouraging.

Making contact with a high volume of prospects requires efficiency that most institutions simply don’t have the processes and equipment to achieve. For example, a basic automated dialing system doubles the number of calls a representative can place in an hour. And, that’s only the beginning. Predictive dialing allows you to speak with twice as many people as a basic dialer. And, additional features like local touch and dedicated management increase your contacts even further.

What percentage of prospects does your enrollment office actually get on the telephone?

The Right People with the Right Processes 

Whether you’re running an automobile dealership or an institution of higher learning, contacting prospects is a sales role. Moving the lead along the path toward enrolled student requires a dedicated professional who understands how to help the prospect overcome obstacles and achieve her goals. This role is rarely performed effectively by a staff member who is pulled in different directions fulfilling other responsibilities or a student worker with little professional experience.

Do you have a well-trained team in place to focus exclusively on following up with your prospects and moving them along the pipeline? 

Improving Contact and Conversion

At MyFootpath, we’ve invested in infrastructure so you don’t have to. Our trained enrollment services professionals employ proven processes and top-notch technology to get your prospects on the phone and help them take the next step.

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