Operation Graduate

Operation Graduate recruits adult students to fit your college’s existing online degree programs. Our student pipeline is “always on”, and reaches students through unique partnerships that can be difficult for an individual college to replicate on its own. Our Graduation Specialists advise, support, and encourage our adult students – leading to higher retention and graduation rates. Learn more about this tuition share, turn-key solution that brought 243 new students to regional, non-profit college last year at www.operationgraduate.com.

Operation ReEngage

Operation ReEngage can transform your college’s enrollment, graduation rates, and net revenue. Operation ReEngage brings back students that stopped out from your college – adult, traditional, transfer, graduate, any group that has a prior affiliation with your college.  We help them re-enroll, get back on track, and graduate. Our solution consists of three components, (i) data management techniques and analysis to create a super-charged “house list”, (ii) our Graduation Specialists that specialize in handling stop-out students, and (iii) collaboration with you to develop and enhance the processes needed to successfully re-recruit students to your institution.  Learn more about this tuition share, turn-key solution that can bring hundreds of students back to your institution at www.operationreengage.com.

Our Story

myFootpath was founded in the year 2000, in partnership with leading guidance counselors. Over the years, we have developed deep expertise in marketing and enrollment services to our college clients. With a focus on and a passion for adult students looking to complete their degree, myFootpath has tackled every aspect of the student enrollment funnel. For many years we ran a 100 seat call center generating inquiries and conducting high volume call campaigns. We’ve won awards. We’ve started and sold divisions. We’ve run highly successful student marketing campaigns. We’ve built technology solutions. Today we focus on the two brands above, and we occasionally engage in specialty projects that need our expertise. We specialize in student recruitment solutions.

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