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myFootpath’s team consists of industry thought leaders with extensive re-enrollment management experience. Originally founded by a visionary higher education leader over 24 years ago, myFootpath has built deep expertise and experience finding, engaging, re-enrolling, and graduating stop-out students.

With a staggering 50 million students seeking a second opportunity, myFootpath collaborates with universities to identify these prospective students, guide them through the re-enrollment process, and provide the necessary support for them to earn their degrees. Let’s transform their dreams into achievements side by side.

How Do We ReEngage?

myFootpath uses the name Operation ReEngage to describe our service offering to re-recruit students back to an institution previously attended.  We use specific campaign names at each institution because of the unique approach, voice, and custom characteristics. Each Operation ReEngage campaign is as unique as the institution. Each campaign targets 10 distinct populations to reengage and then deploys a full suite of services designed to re-enroll students. Services include:

  • Data Analytics: Utilizing data mining allows us to access a vast database spanning 25 years. Continuously identifying and prioritizing based on various indicators enables us to target students with the highest likelihood of returning, thus optimizing the impact of re-enrollment on future cohorts. 
  • Targeted Marketing and Outreach: Targeted marketing resonates with former students at above average rates, encouraging reengagement over a multiyear period.  We meet your students where they are in their journey and help them pick up where they left off.
  • Graduation Specialists: On each ReEngage campaign, we use dedicated staff, called Graduation Specialists. This team not only emulates the ‘voice’ of the university, but also develops deep expertise in your pathways, processes, and resources for better guidance.
  • Retention Coaching: Our dedicated staff use ongoing communication, technology, and a proprietary non-cognitive assessment to build supportive relationships all the way through to graduation. Smaller student-to-specialist ratios ensure more attention and responsiveness.


Each service component is calibrated to highlight the strengths of an institution, bring supplemental resources, and assist returning students from the first interaction all the way to graduation.

Setup For Success

For an even deeper understanding of our services and how we can help, set up a 30 minute call with our VP of University Partnerships below.

What Sets Us Apart?

myFootpath’s collaborative approach helps institutions reengage students at scale. Our approach allows us to implement workflows that break down departmental silos, create essential hand-offs, and refine critical re-enrollment processes.

The initial step is to kick off the institution’s reengagement campaign, which will involve data analysis, marketing strategies, enrollment efforts, and retention initiatives.

Then, we go through a discovery process to drive results. Key questions within our discovery include:

  • What degree pathways do your students need? 
  • How are other universities competing for students in the market? 
  • Where are students getting stuck in the re-enrollment process? 
  • How do students see a clear path to graduation? 
  • Where can we adjust the process? 
  • Where can we make things easier for students? 
  • How can we simplify outreach for staff? 
  • How can we align institutional leadership to drive reengagement efficiently? 

This list of questions will evolve, and as we answer them together, we uncover additional ReEngage opportunities, often exceeding institutions’ initial expectations. 

This collaborative ethos is key to achieving mutual success and maximizing enrollment outcomes for our partner institutions.

Learn more about how we collaborate to drive results with a 30-minute call with our VP of University Partnerships below.

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