Operation Graduate

Operation Graduate recruits adult students to fit your college’s existing online degree programs. Our student pipeline is “always on”, and reaches students through unique partnerships that can be difficult for an individual college to replicate on its own. Our Graduation Specialists advise, support, and encourage our adult students – leading to higher retention and graduation rates. Learn more about this tuition share, turn-key solution that brought 243 new students to regional, non-profit college last year at www.operationgraduate.com.

Operation ReEngage

Operation ReEngage can transform your college’s enrollment, graduation rates, and net revenue. Operation ReEngage brings back students that stopped out from your college – adult, traditional, transfer, graduate, any group that has a prior affiliation with your college. We help them re-enroll, get back on track, and graduate. Our solution consists of three components, (i) data management techniques and analysis to create a super-charged “house list”, (ii) our Graduation Specialists that specialize in handling stop-out students, and (iii) collaboration with you to develop and enhance the processes needed to successfully re-recruit students to your institution. Learn more about this tuition share, turn-key solution that can bring hundreds of students back to your institution at www.operationreengage.com.

Our Story

myFootpath provides marketing, enrollment, and retention services to college and university clients. With a focus on and a passion for adult students looking to complete their degrees, myFootpath has tackled every aspect of the student enrollment funnel. We have collectively reached, encouraged, and helped enroll over 25,000 adult students in partnership with our higher education clients.

myFootpath was founded in the year 2000 based on the vision of a determined high school guidance counselor in Flint, Michigan. Over our 20‐plus‐year track record, we have developed a unique, comprehensive approach to identify, assist, and guide adult students from the first contact all the way through graduation.

Today we focus on the two service offerings above, while occasionally engaging in specialty projects that need our expertise.

President and
J.T. Allen has over two decades of experience in higher education. With a focus on adult students, he has helped dozens of college clients find, enroll, and retain thousands of
Marketing Manager
With over 15 years of digital marketing and lead generation experience, Martez is obsessed with marketing and lead generation as a means to level the playing field for smaller firms.
Over 10 years, George Rohde’s academic research and professional work has been centered on guiding and empowering students to attain college degrees. His role at myFootpath includes developing and deploying
Robyn Palmersheim has been working in higher education administration for more than 18 years. She has held a variety of roles in admissions, marketing, and operations. Most recently, she served
Board Member, Senior Advisor
Over a career spanning 40 years, Tom Abrahamson has helped hundreds of colleges define their brands and grow their enrollment. He spent more than two decades at higher education marketing
Board Member
Mr. Henige is the Chief Executive Officer and majority owner of Tru Fragrances, LLC, (formerly Romane Fragrances, LLC) headquartered in Willowbrook, Illinois with offices also located in Chicago, New York
Team Leader, Operation ReEngage
Over a 15 year career in higher education, Vernon Rucker has developed a passion for enrolling and supporting adult students, creating student engagement and driving student retention. He has helped countless
Team Leader, Operation Graduate
Adan Salinas excels in situations with complex, interlocking parts that strategically aim to increase student enrollment and success. Prior to joining myFootpath, Salinas held a number of management roles at

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