myFootpath and National Student Clearinghouse Partnership Supports Universities and Students

Reengaging Millions of Adult Learners

For the 39 million Americans who have some college but no credential, the path to finishing a degree can seem daunting. That’s why myFootpath is partnering with National Student Clearinghouse, a trusted source for and leading provider of higher education verifications and electronic education record exchanges, to reengage millions of students and empower them to graduate.

Through this partnership, myFootpath is helping colleges and universities reconnect with adult students by offering National Student Clearinghouse’s StudentTracker Premium Service at no charge to the institution. The StudentTracker Premium Service offers detailed insights on student pathways and outcomes and provides secure, dedicated access to university datasets. With these datasets, myFootpath can launch Operation ReEngage and create custom reengagement strategies for bringing students back to the school they previously attended.

Empowering Universities with Actionable Data

For myFootpath’s clients, the National Student Clearinghouse partnership is helping to bridge the gap between research and action. We work with university leaders to provide valuable analytics on stop-out students with a high likelihood of reenrolling. Using the National Student Clearinghouse’s StudentTracker Premium Service, we have the ability to view degree and enrollment status, monitor whether students have enrolled or completed a degree elsewhere, and refine a list of eligible students based on specific criteria. We continually update our data, so universities always have access to a current list of eligible students along with their contact information.

Increasing Enrollments and Changing Lives through Operation ReEngage

Ultimately, our collective goal in partnering with National Student Clearinghouse is to help universities increase opportunities for reenrollment and improve student outcomes. OperationReEngage seeks to bring back students who stopped out from higher education — adults, traditional-age, transfers,

master’s — all students who had a prior affiliation with the institution. Together, we’re able to use the StudentTracker Premium Service to customize a plan to enhance what’s working within a client’s enrollment strategy and strengthen what’s not. We serve as an extension of the university’s team, providing students with encouragement and administrative support to remove barriers to graduation.

myFootpath’s Operation ReEngage service offers clients:

  • In-depth data analysis and management techniques to build a robust and powerful “house list” specific to each client institution
  • Specially trained and dedicated staff who specialize in counseling and coaching adult students
  • Close collaboration to develop and improve the processes needed to successfully reengage, reenroll, and work with students through graduation. 

myFootpath’s mission is to help universities transform lives by engaging and graduating nontraditional students. Through our partnership with National Student Clearinghouse, we are delighted to be able to further this mission by providing better service to our clients and making a positive impact on students’ futures.

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