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myFootpath’s Impact

The impact of myFootpath’s team can be measured in many ways, but the most important and meaningful is this number: 27,000+

This is how many students the team has collectively reached, encouraged, and helped enroll in partnership with our higher education clients. myFootpath has grown from the vision of its founder, a high school guidance counselor in Flint, Michigan, to a group of nationally established and respected post-secondary enrollment leaders.

It’s an impressive record, yet myFootpath knows there’s so much more to do. Research from the National Student Clearinghouse revealed that there are more than 40 million U.S. students who started college but didn’t finish.

myFootpath’s 20-plus-year track record offers a unique, comprehensive approach to identifying and succeeding in assisting these adult students in reenrolling. The firm does this through marketing, enrollment, and retention services to college and university clients. myFootpath has developed deep expertise in recruiting adult online students and in reducing the barriers adults face on the path to degree completion.

myFootpath’s Student Enrollment Offerings

myFootpath’s mission is to help universities transform lives by engaging and graduating nontraditional students who may have stumbled along the path to degree completion. Operation ReEngage brings back students to the university with which they have had a prior affiliation. Operation Graduate provides new, supplemental, online, adult students to university partners.

Operation ReEngage

Operation ReEngage brings back students who stopped out from higher education — adults, traditional-age, transfers, master’s — all students who had a prior affiliation with an institution. We also work with the growing population of students who applied and were admitted to a college but never took their first course. We help students reenroll (or enroll for the first time if they never started classes), get back on track, and graduate.
The Operation ReEngage service consists of three components:
  • In-depth data analysis and management techniques to build a robust and powerful “house list” specific to each client institution
  • Specially trained and dedicated staff who specialize in counseling and coaching adult students
  • Client collaboration to develop and enhance the processes needed to successfully re-engage, re-enroll, and work with students through graduation. Our goal is to help our clients build in-house capacity at their institutions and to hand over Operation ReEngage to an internal team at the conclusion of our relatively short contract period.

Operation Graduate

Operation Graduate adds supplemental enrollment of online adult students to college and university partners.  Our approach involves building a pipeline of students our client institutions are unlikely to encounter through their typical marketing and recruitment efforts. myFootpath identifies good-fit students for our clients through one-of-a-kind partnerships, such as with professional associations and employers. Our team works with these adult students from the first phone call all the way through graduation, often achieving retention rates 20% higher than existing cohorts that arrive at the institution through traditional channels.
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