Re-Enrollment Opportunity Assessment

What’s Your Institution’s
Re-Enrollment Potential?

How can your institution re-enroll students from a population of over 40 million adults who began their college journey but haven’t completed their degree? myFootpath’s Opportunity Assessment will provide your institution with a strategic plan to launch re-enrollment at scale, starting as early as the next academic term.

How We Conduct Our Assessment

Step 1: Collaborative Immersion Day

During a powerful 1-day session on your campus with key strategic leaders and staff, we break down departmental silos and help you plan for the essential hand-offs, workflows, and processes necessary for large-scale re-enrollment.


Step 2: In-Depth Data Analysis

Within 30 days, we analyze your institutional data, present a detailed enrollment model, and financial projection for re-enrollment. This includes key factors that gate success, allowing your institution to phase activities and strategically apply effort to maximize re-enrollment in a cost-effective, ROI-driven manner.


Step 3: Customized Strategic Plan

We provide a strategic plan tailored to your institution’s unique culture, needs, and market positioning. Each plan highlights actionable steps, practical solutions, and realistic time frames. Clients tell us that these plans help a re-enrollment “champion” within an institution manage expectations, advocate for resources, and deliver re-enrollment results.

What to Expect

Interdepartmental Collaboration

Successful re-engagement campaigns require coordination across departments and roles. During our Immersion Day, we pinpoint the essential hand-offs, workflows, and processes necessary to re-enroll students at scale.

Engaging In-Person Dialogue

We bring together leadership and unit staff responsible for student recruitment, re-recruitment, advising, and retention, allowing us to gain a comprehensive understanding of current student support efforts. Through the process, we identify complementary enhancements.

Financial & Data Insights

After our Immersion Day and over the next 30 days, we conduct extensive data analysis to develop an enrollment model and financial projection. This analysis provides key insights and informs decision-making.

Strategic Planning

Our process helps institutions amplify re-enrollment strengths and transform weaknesses over time. Our work helps institutions capture this enormous re-enrollment market, by prioritizing activities and planning for success.

The Impact

Your Team:

Immersion Day cultivates collaboration, uniting various departments that may often work separately in silos, under a common goal of re-enrollment. Unlock your team’s potential.

Re-Enroll Students,
at Scale:

Our tailored strategies, attuned to your unique needs and institutional culture, will significantly enhance student re-enrollment. Our approach allows you to prioritize and focus on the efforts that matter most to re-enrollment success.

Strategically Serve
Adult Students:

Most institutions are built to serve the traditional college-going population of 18-22 year olds. By strategically rolling out services for adult students, you can expand the market your institution serves with the revenue from the re-enrolled students. It’s win-win for all.

Together, let’s tap an often-overlooked market to boost enrollment and grow revenue. Get started with an Opportunity Assessment and realize the potential at your institution.

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