Universities can create a clear path towards graduation, but there are always students who drop out of the funnel—students who had high hopes and big dreams, who year after year, wait for the right moment to jump back in and finish that degree. For universities, tracking and re-connecting with these students can be monumental for retention rates, but re-enrolling these students starts with understanding why they left. 

For the second webinar in our series, Katie Dawson from the University of Louisiana System is here to dive into the four main barriers that are holding back your students. From institutional hurdles to situational obstacles, Katie will map out the main stop-out points that are backed by research—giving your university an inside look at the lives of these students and how you can create support systems to get them back in the classroom. Having helped over 27,000 students resume their college journey, myFootpath is teaming up with Katie to discuss how you can do the same through partnerships that drive enrollment and bring back stop-outs.

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