With millions of students stopping their college journey every year, Anika felt the impact on her own campus. As Vice President of Northern Arizona University, it was Anika’s mission to bring back stop-outs, but she lacked the institutional staff and resources needed to widen the net and really hone-in on the needs of these students. So, she partnered with those who could. 

Anika, who now has nearly 2,500 students coming back for the fall semester, will highlight and share data from her partnership with myFootpath—exploring the techniques that enhanced retention rates and raised revenue for her university. Lead by Dr. Gerry Hanley, Director at the Center for Usability in Design and Accessibility, this webinar will guide you through every step of the process, showing you how myFootpath identified eligible students, reduced barriers and limitations, and increased revenue for the university—without the school lifting a finger. With myFootpath doing the grunt work, you’ll bring back students without building internal capacities, increasing revenue and creating a duplicable system that boosts retention year after year.

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